I get a lot of request for add farmville neighbors, I know you might one of them. So I created this post with proper guideline how you can get another to join your farmville neighbors too. All you need to do is follow this instruction;

1) Click Like ->

2) Add comment to this post, leave the following details;
Facebook id: (this get from copying your facebook id, right click at your name then copy the link)

Simple right? Do it now!


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After all day playing farmville it night time now and you have to go to bed. Many of us questions our self what is the best seed to plant so I could harvest it right away when i wake up? I have this simple farmville cheats for you that crunch the harvest time and you can harvest the plants right away.

It was simple and basic understand how your plants grow and wither? Let take an example, if you planting blueberries [click to continue…]


How to add FarmVille neighbors quickly

October 24, 2010

It very simple actually, I’ll show you how to add farmville neighbors quickly. This actually the simplest farmville cheats you can do. Adding your friends that not playing farmville is not the best way. Since I just created new account for my farmville game profile. I need 35 neighbors quickly and I found the way, […]

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FarmVille Cheats: Auto click for FarmVille

October 11, 2010

I admit FarmVille is little fun game in facebook that we all played. Plowing, planting and harvesting is a part of the game. When you farm getting bigger, there is more plot to click. This is not the fun part of the game. When you have 26×26 land, did you know you need to click […]

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FarmVille Cheats: Add FarmVille Neighbors

October 4, 2010

Add farmville neighbors is the best way to expand your farm size and getting help from your neighbors. Sometimes is hard to ask our friends to add farmville neighbors because they didn’t play it. How to use Farmville Cheats to add farmville neighbors? It very simple and fast, everything is in your control. First let […]

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FarmVille Cheats: Cheating XP

September 25, 2010

I have discover one of Farmville Cheats how to get most efficient XP points. More XP means you will quickly up the game level and that the main point playing farmville. Most of the player playing in the dark and just planting the crops without having knowledge which one is the fastest way to get […]

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Top 3 recommended farmville crops

September 4, 2010

While you can look for Farmville Cheats, I have few tips playing without it. The basic, you should know the best farmville crops you should plant. You should look for most profitable crops in term of hours. There is a bunch of crops you can plant, the best known top 3 crops are raspberries, soybeans […]

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Three winning strategy playing Farmville

September 3, 2010

Most popular game on facebook is Farmville, it a simple game which everyone love to play it. You can play it as you wish, farming as you like don’t bother about anything just have some fun. Sometimes we become a bit competitive and start looking for best strategy to win it. Well it look simple […]

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Accessing the Exclusive Farmville Gifts

September 1, 2010

You cannot send the exclusive Farmville gifts through Facebook. You can only send them through the official Farmville website. Here the step by step method to accessing and sending the exclusive gifts to your friends. First you want to open up a new window or tab in your internet browser. Log onto, and click […]

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FarmVille Secret Get the Best FarmVille Trees

August 31, 2010

As a smart player you will need to be concerning everything in your farm include the trees. Most of trees take a long time between planting and harvest time, so you will not earn much by growing them. However, they have a particular advantage that smaller crops don’t have: they do not wither. Also, they […]

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