Harvest Your Crops On Time

Each crop will grow within a certain time frame. Example for blueberries will only take four hours, but cotton will take three days. You’ll need to return after the growing period has passed if you want to harvest your crops, but there’s a twist. Once your crops are ready you can harvest them using the hoe tool. If you take too long to harvest thus your crops will wither and die plus you would not get any money. Anything earlier and they’re not ready, anything later and they’re dead stock.

For example, if you plant a crop that is ready in one day, after two days the crop will die if you don’t pick it. Use the red shovel icon to remove plots that have already been plowed if you want to change your land. Growing and harvesting crops will earn you money and experience, which you’ll use to buy more seeds and to level up. You’ll also use the money earned to buy buildings and decorations for your farm. Once you get used to the main mechanic, you’ll find that purchases like these become central to the game play experience.

Plowing the land, growing crops and then harvesting them is very easy in this game. You might want to use some type of organization for your crops once you have dozens of fields so you can harvest them easier.

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